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Review: Laptop Desk UltraLite

by on August 11, 2004

A few months ago, we tested the Laptop Desk v.2.0. One of its drawbacks was its size. Lapworks has created a new version of the Laptop Desk for road warriors, the Laptop Desk UltraLite, designed to support laptops under 5 pounds. With a similar design as the regular model, most of our same comments apply. And, just like the regular model, the Laptop Desk UltraLite will be sold under the Targus brand name in retail stores.

The Laptop Desk UltraLite is plastic tray, which folds in half, with a support to allow it to create a wedge shape. The support can be adjusted to one of five angles of the wedge. When used on one’s lap, the Laptop Desk UltraLite is unfolded, laying across the lap. It is not recommended that the Laptop Desk UltraLite act as “bridge” or “support”.

Laptop Desk UltraLite UltraLite
Laptop Desk UltraLite Opened

Laptop Desk UltraLite UltraLite
Laptop Desk UltraLite Folded

Laptop Desk UltraLite UltraLite
Laptop Desk UltraLite Side

Laptop Desk UltraLite UltraLite
Laptop Desk UltraLite Support

The Laptop Desk UltraLite itself is dark grey, and folds to a thickness of 5/16 inches. It includes no-slip rubber and multiple ventilation channels to allow airflow between the computer and the Laptop Desk UltraLite. Lapworks claims that the Laptop Desk UltraLite will cool a laptop by 15-20% when used on a desk. For lap use, it will prevent cooked legs, associated with newer laptops.

Besides being thinner and a different color, the Laptop Desk UltraLite has some other differences from its sibling. Besides it being 1.5 inches longer (creating a 22 x 11 inch workspace during lap use), it also has a slighly different design for the ventilation channels. Rather than have each one padded with rubber, it features multiple rubber cushions to keep laptops from sitting directly on it. We found this to work just as well as the other method, The support used when the laptop desk is used on a desk is piece of metal, which locks in place. It seemed to be as sturdy as the plastic on the bigger model.

Other suggested uses are for stabilizing PDAs with mobile keyboards, an incline for tablet PCs, and as a portable stable surface (we put a clipboard on top and had a very useful workspace).


The SwivlPad, is an optional accessory, priced at $19.95 (less when purchased with a Laptop Desk). The SwivlPad is a thin turntable. With a thickness of 3/16 of an inch, and a surface that grips well, the SwivlPad is a very useful addition.

The Laptop Desk UltraLite is a decently-priced, useful accessory. Since it is thinner than the Laptop Desk v.2.0, it’s much more portable, but only available to some notebook users. Currently, Lapworks is offering a $10 rebate on the Laptop Desk UltraLite, making it a bargain.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

Overall, we like the Laptop Desk UltraLite, as it is smaller than the regular model, yet durable, and more versatile.

Pros: Unique design allows lap and desk use, causes laptop to run cooler, durable, and folds easily for travel, thinner and has more surface area than sibling

Cons: Might not cool as well as stands that support a laptop with legs; and although thinner than the Laptop Desk v.2.0, it is still slightly bulky for those who want to travel light

Rating: 8/10

The Facts

Product: The Laptop Desk UltraLite
Company: Lapworks, Inc.
Price: $29.95 (list)

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