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Review: MacAlly mTune

by on September 25, 2006

Ahhh! The ’80s are back! I suppose I’m a little late with the warning, so you have my apologies. That lovely decade’s speedy return has been with us for some time now. Each year seems to bring more and more ’80s reminiscent pop culture what with the big hair, gaudy purses, leggings, and acid-wash jeans. With every Afro or bad perm I pass, I wonder, what will come back next?!

mTUNE (non-nano side)

mTUNE (nano side)

mTUNE (front view)

So call me a prophet if you must, but I foresaw MacAlly jumping onto this retro bandwagon as just a matter of time. Ever-willing to please, MacAlly pumped out the mTUNE cordless stereo headset that conveniently enough looks like the over-sized headphones of years passed.

Setting you back about $40 or so, this headset can do much more than its ’80s forefather. The lightweight, battery-free mTUNE provides a cordless way to listen to your iPod nano at home or on-the-go. The collapsible unit comes equipped with a specially made slot for the nano that allows the user to listen to music and change tracks with the exposed control wheel. The design doesn’t allow the user to actually see the nano, but becoming accustomed to the orientation only takes a little practice. With the accompanying wire, the mTUNE also doubles as a regular headset that plugs into any other music device or computer.

The overall concept of the headset is great but not as functional as would be expected. The sound quality though better than Apple stock ear buds is decent at best and provides little for the bass-lovers among us. I’ll admit the ear pads are quite comfy but do little to block outside noise. Though adjustable, the headset’s smallest setting still didn’t fit snugly around my head. I suppose they had the big 80s hair in mind when designing the size (or maybe just not a girl who stands 5’2”).

The One-Sentence Verdict™

Buy the mTUNE if your biggest concerns are cordless listening and retro ’80s style.

Pros: Cordless, battery-free, collapsible, comfortable
Cons: Average sound quality, bulky, poor outside noise reduction
Rating: 8/10

The Facts

Product: mTUNE
Company: MacAlly
Platform: iPod (N)
Price: $49.99

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