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Review: MacMice GBreeze

by on December 5, 2003

The MacMice GBreeze has been discontinued. You might be able to find one, although there are many other stands, including some from MacMice that will fit this same utility.

Stands that elevate notebook computers are a dime a dozen these days, with a few understood “leaders”. A relatively new model that struck our fancy was the GBreeze by MacMice. The GBreeze is an anodized aluminum stand, designed to raise your iBook or PowerBook enough to let air flow underneath, but still allow you to type on your keyboard.


GBreeze (Corner View)

The GBreeze is a new addition to MacMice’s other PowerBook/iBook stands, and clearly was inspired by the Power Mac G5, which makes sense. By using aluminum, and making a bunch of holes in it, MacMice created a stand that not only looks good with Apple’s latest hardware, but also keeps your computer cool.

The GBreeze comes in 3 sizes: 12″ (for 12″ iBooks and PowerBooks), 15″ (for 14″ iBooks, 15″ PowerBooks), and 17″ (for the Behemoth 17″ PowerBooks). Big rubber feet are on the bottom to keep things from sliding around.

The GBreeze works very well. Although we don’t have a PowerBook to test it on, it does keep the iBook running cooler. Since the GBreeze is at an incline, and is about an inch off the desk/table surface in the front and about 2.5 inches off the surface on the back, enough air can flow underneath through the holes and cool the ‘Books.

Typing on it is also nice, especially if your table/desk is not overly high to begin with. It creates a nice typing angle, especially since it was intended for people to use it without external keyboards.

The Bad
We had two gripes with the GBreeze – it is a bit pricey at around $50, but if you have G5-envy, this could help cure it, and does seem well-constructed. The other gripe is that it doesn’t allow you to swivel the computer, but since the front sits higher off the desk, it is easier to grip and spin.

The Verdict
In general, we like the GBreeze. It costs more than many other stands in the market, and serves the same basic function, but does looks exceptionally nice, and does a good job. The ability to still type on it is also a plus.

If you want a stand that looks like it is part of your PowerBook, or if you have G5-envy, but don’t want to spend the cash on a new G5, go ahead and get this stand.

If you’re looking for a stand that is economical, one that has a lifetime warranty, positions your computer lower, and/or something that swivels, check out the RoadTools CoolPad.

Rating: 7/10

The Facts

Product: GBreeze
Company: MacMice
Price: No Longer Available

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