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Review: Marware SportFolio II

by on March 5, 2004

Besides being concerned about theft, most people would prefer their laptops to be safe from bumps and bangs throughout the day. One problem is that most laptop cases are too bulky, don’t fit well in a bigger bag, or are too small, keeping users from carrying any accessories (such as an AC adapter) with the laptop. The Marware SportFolio II is a stylish small case which accommodates 12-inch iBooks and PowerBooks.

Made of neoprene, and reinforced with an inner plastic shell, the SportFolio II is ideal for times when you need to carry a laptop, AC adapter, and a few other small items. The front of the case features an open pocket, which, like the rest of the case, stretches. A larger zippered pocket can be found on the back. Extra padding and soft fabric line the interior (which has a computer and a document pocket), protecting the laptop’s surfaces from scratches.

SportFolio II
Marware SportFolio II (Front)

SportFolio II
Marware SportFolio II (Back)

Also included is a detachable shoulder strap, with a shock-absorbing cushion for your shoulder, making the bag and its contents seem lighter. Two handles are on the case for briefcase-style carrying. The rubber bottom is easy to grip, as the case can also be carried like a 3-ring binder or notebook.

The $39.95 case is available in three colors: black, blue, or graphite (dark grey). The case itself is black on all models, with only the neoprene on the front being colored differently. The case is water-resistant, so light rain or other weather should not be a problem.

Once the laptop is in the case, there is not much room for anything else. Having more capacity than laptop “sleeves”, the SportFolio II does hold an AC adapter (at least the “square” one), a pair of headphones, a VGA dongle, and various papers inside, and a small paperback book in the back pocket. Although the neoprene does stretch quite a bit, cramming too much in the case starts looking ridiculous, not to mention excess pressure against the laptop’s screen.

After testing the case for about two weeks (that is, using it as my main case), I have grown to really like it. My previous case was a generic laptop briefcase, which always had more room than my iBook actually needed. The SportFolio II has been described by various people who have seen it as “sleek” and “amazingly small”, which it is; it almost appears to be too small to hold a laptop.

For owners of other Apple laptops or iPods, there are other SportFolios/SportSuits.

The One-Sentence Verdictâ„¢

The Marware SportFolio II is the perfect slim-line case for Apple’s 12-inch laptops, allowing you to carry the essential accessories while disposing of the often-wasted space in many do-everything cases.
Rating: 8/10

The Facts

Product: SportFolio II
Company: Marware
Platform: 12-inch iBook/PowerBook
Price: $39.95

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