Review: Marware SportSuit Convertible

by on October 11, 2004

Owners of the newest iPods find themselves with few choices for cases…at least currently, as many manufacturers are just starting to ship updated cases to fit the new button layout. Marware was one of the first to update its case offerings, with the SportSuit Convertible. Being a versatile, neoprene case, the SportSuit keeps the iPod well-protected.

Available in many colors (black, graphite, navy blue, royal blue, red, and yellow), the SportSuit features a few separate components. The case is made of neoprene, with vulcanized rubber grips and a clear piece of vinyl to protect the face of the iPod (but not the buttons). A neoprene cover attaches to the case and features a small pocket for earbuds or other accessories. A belt clip or armband can be attached.

Marware SportSuit Convertible 4G

Marware SportSuit Convertible Armband

Marware SportSuit Convertible Back View

Marware SportSuit Convertible Lid

iPods slide easily into the SportSuit Convertible, and snugly fit inside. There is a leather and velcro tab that secures the opening at the top of the case, and has a cutout for a remote or headphones. With the tab removed, a top-attached device, such as an iTalk or iTrip works fine.

Everything except the scroll wheel of the iPod is protected by this decently-padded case. The case itself hides the iPod almost completely, and adds a bit of bulk, so it might not be for everyone.

Unlike many bigger cases, the SportSuit does not require the iPod to be removed if you need to charge, sync, or use accessories. Every function of the iPod can be accessed while in the case, as well. A plastic plug keeps the dock connector protected. Use of a regular dock is not possible, as the case and iPod combination is just too bulky.

A removable protective lid also comes with the SportSuit. It protects the entire face of the iPod when used, and attaches with velcro. On the black case, the lid is made of PVC leather. For other colors, the lid is made of neoprene. The lid creates much more bulk, making the case almost 2 inches thick. Besides the added bulk, the only other downside is that the lid must be removed every time the iPod is removed.

Also included are an armband and a belt clip. The belt clip is one of the better ones we’ve seen, and feels very secure. The armband attaches to the case’s two loops and should fit most arms. Some other accessories include the Slide SwivelKit ($5.95), CarHolderKit ($5.95), BikeHolder
($7.95) Lanyard ($7.95) and Belt ($8.95).

Overall, we found the SportSuit Convertible to be a very nice iPod case, with many features at a price that seems to be on-par with many other iPod cases. With various configurations, the SportSuit should fit many iPod users’ tastes. The added choices of accessories will also allow iPods to be protected in all sorts or places.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

The SportSuit Convertible for the fourth-generation iPods is a moderately-priced case, offering decent protection, and if you don’t mind the added bulk, is an excellent case.

Pros: Well-made, useful design, protective.
Cons: Bulky, lid adds even more bulk, can’t be used with the dock
Rating: 9/10

The Facts

Product: SportSuit Convertible
Company: Marware
Platform: iPod (4)
Price: $39.95

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