Review: Moshi iPouch

by on July 11, 2007

Another week, another iPod case becomes available on the market, right? Sort of. Aevoe’s Moshi brand offers the iPouch, a unique bag designed for iPods (or iPod-sized devices). The $20 price tag is a bit steep, but the iPouch does not seem to be like many other iPod cases.





Available in five colors and made of a “unique fabric called terahedron” as the Moshi web site states, the iPouch feels like most other microfiber products. The design prevents your iPod from getting scratched and allows you to clean any smudges off of the iPod’s glossy surface. A drawstring closes the top and the design is splash-proof and anti-static treated, keeping dust, dirt, the stray raindrop, and anything else away from your music player.

We thought the iPouch was a decent iPod case, a step up from Apple’s own offering, and offers users something a bit more “plush” if they don’t want to spend their $20 on hard plastic cases or silicone products. One cool thing we found with the iPouch is that it works just fine with the very basic plastic cases, such as Griffin’s iClear, giving you quite a bit of protection.

Due to the design, it would help your iPod much in drop situations, but none of the alternatives really would either.

Another nice inclusion is the small pocket on the front for your earbuds. With many manufacturers making cases that feature some sort of earbud storage, this does not seem that special, but unlike most, you aren’t tied to using it with Apple’s included earbuds. Furthermore, the iPouch can be used with any device that’s iPod-sized, so the front pocket can be repurposed for memory cards or other small accessories.

Sure, there is no belt clip, nor can you control the iPod well with it in the iPouch, but this product is a simple upgrade from Apple’s own slipcase for anyone who wants something a little fancier.

Also, there is another version available for the iPod nano and one for mobile phones. An iPhone one is in the works, but the size for the larger iPods is a workaround. The mobile phone one, called the iPouch mobile, fits the Motorola SLVR & RAZR family, the Samsung E900, the Sony Ericsson W900i & K800i, the Sharp 903, and the Nokia 8800, as well as almost anything that is similarly-sized (3.9″ x 2″ x 0.8″). We tried it with a Sony Ericsson T616, a Motorola RAZR L6, and a Nokia 6030 and found there to be ample room for the phone. Just like the iPod version, there is an outer pocket for an earpiece or other small accessory. We found this a very good idea for users of candybar-style phones, as they’re more scratch-prone in pockets.

Overall, we think the iPouch is a pretty unique product, and offers adequate protection while not screaming “iPod case” (or phone case). Although the asking price of $20 is a bit on the high side, it is quite well-made, and serves its purpose well.

The One-Sentence Verdictâ„¢

The iPouch provides an upgrade over Apple’s own iPod sleeves, and has a few added benefits.

Pros: Microfiber material, simple design, drawstring, outside pocket
Cons: A little pricey
Rating: 8/10

The Facts

Product: iPouch
Company: Aevoe/Moshi
Platform: iPod (3 4 5, M, N, N²), various mobile phones
Price: $20

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