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Review: Newer Technology NuStand

by on August 8, 2005

I’ve always thought of the Mac mini as an updated version of Apple’s very popular LC line from the early 1990s. It’s very affordable, compact, and even has some design traits of the LCs (such as a slot on the front for the optical drive, much like the slot for the LCs’ floppy drives). There is one difference—the LCs could have a monitor perched atop it.

Newer Technology, brought back by Other World Computing, offers a solution to those who want to save a little desk space—the NuStand. This $40 acryllic plastic stand allows you to place most CRT or LCD displays right above your mini, giving you back just a little more desk space.

NuStand + Mac mini

NuStand + Mac mini + Samsung SyncMaster 730B

Supporting up to 22″ for CRT displays and 30″ for LCD displays, the NuStand can accept any monitor with a “footprint” of 9″ x 11″. We tested it with a Samsung SyncMaster 730B (a 17″ LCD), a ViewSonic A70 (a 17″ CRT), as well as a cheap Envision CRT (also 17″). All of our test displays fit perfect on top of the NuStand, although larger displays should have no trouble sitting there. Apple’s Aluminum Cinema Displays will also fit, but neither the previous plastic Apple LCDs nor the Apple CRTs will fit, as the feet are too far apart to sit on the NuStand.

The NuStand can also be used under an iMac G5, and also with hard drives, external TV tuners, or just about anything that can fit in a Mac mini-like space. Since the area under the stand is a bit wider than the mini, there options are limitless.

Another advantage of the NuStand is that it raises your display by about 2″, which might make the display easier to read in some instances.

While the NuStand works well for its intended purpose, we do have a few complaints. The first is the price—$40 is a bit high for a plastic “shelf”, although it does support heavy monitors and has the “cool” factor. The second is that the Mac mini’s power button is hard to reach, especially if you have the mini positioned towards the front on the NuStand. Although we’re not sure how this would affect its studiness, a small cutout on the right side big enough to stick your finger through would’ve been a good idea. Since most people leave the Mac mini on or in sleep mode, the power button isn’t used much anyway.

Overall, the NuStand is an eye-catching accessory that helps organize your desktop. Although its price tag might be steep, it’s worth a look if you want something that matches the Apple aesthetic and will hold the heaviest of displays.

The One-Sentence Verdictâ„¢

If you’d rather put your display atop a Mac mini, the NuStand is decently-designed, attactive addition to any Mac mini setup.

Pros: Saves desk space, looks good, supports most monitors out there
Cons: A tad on the expensive side, makes accessing power button hard
Rating: 7/10

The Facts

Product: NuStand
Company: Newer Technology
Platform: Mac mini
Price: $39.95

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