Review: Power Support Swivel Fix Stand & Silicone Jacket

by on November 10, 2004

iPod cases and stands are a dime a dozen, right? Obviously, but a new challenger has come onto the scene with both stands for iPods and silicone cases. Power Support, a company who originally only sold products in Japan has brought some of its products into the US market. We had the chance to take a look at two products, the Swivel Fix Stand and the Silicone Jacket.

The Swivel Fix Stand is an iPod stand that actually includes a Silicone Jacket, or you can by the case separately. Both products are available for third and fourth generation iPods, with nearly identical designs.

Power Support
Power Support Swivel Fix Stand & Silicone Jacket

Power Support
Silicone Jacket Dock Connector

Power Support
Silicone Jacket Top Opening

Power Support
Silicone Jacket 4G

At first, it may appear that the Silicone Jacket is not much different than offerings from other companies, such as iSkin’s eVo or eVo². The price is about the same, as is the feel and material. Other than that, the case is completely flat in the back, lacking a belt clip, or even a slot for one, as well as the ventilation holes found on the eVos. A very no-frills design is key, with only one color – frosted white, a slot in the top for accessories and to add/remove the iPod.

The included screen protector and wheel protector are Power Support’s Crystal Film and Wheel Film. While these provide adequate protection, they are both peel-and-stick, so their lifetimes will be shorter than some other solutions. We really wished that the instruction tabs were in English, as we almost peeled the wrong part off of the screen protector.

The case also features a hole for the dock connector, although it is not very large, so anything other than the Apple cable is out of the question. There is also no protective flap, as found on some other cases. Of course, if you are looking for a plain case, the Silicone Jacket is not a bad choice.

The Swivel Fix Stand, the other part of the packaged deal, is also an interesting product. Perfect for those who don’t have an Apple dock, or would prefer not to remove their iPod from its case when charging and updating, the Swivel Fix Stand is an adjustable metal stand. We really liked the design of the stand, as it was attractive and felt quite sturdy.

The stand itself is highly adjustable, with a tilt range from 20 to 90 degrees. There are also various knobs to adjust the base. What was disappointing was that the case only comes with peel-and-stick tape, although the web site does suggest the use of velcro. We really like the idea of a stand that can attach to various locations.

Any iPod must be in its Silicone Jacket when used with the Swivel Fix Stand, otherwise scratching may occur. What was unfortunate was that the stand was a bit too small to be used with another silicone case and an iPod, so if you get this stand, be prepared to use the included case.

Overall, both products are a good choice for many iPod users. Although we can justify the stand/case combo better than just the case alone, especially now that more full-featured cases are available.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

Power Support’s foray into the iPod market is simple and elegant, and should be satisfactory for many.

Pros: Quality products, adequate protection, best in packaged set

Cons: Case missing some key features found in similarly priced products, screen and wheel protection could be better

The Facts

4/5Product: Swivel Fix Stand & Silicone Jacket
Company: Power Support USA
Platform: iPod (3 4)
Price: $54 / $28

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