Review: RadTech Ice Creme

by on January 17, 2005

Got some scratches on your iPod, iBook, Cinema Display, or Power Mac G4? If they bother you enough, you might want to try out RadTech’s Ice Creme. Available in two versions – the regular (just for plastics) and the “M” (plastics and iPod chrome), Ice Creme is advertised to remove scratches from many Mac models, iPods, and household items.

There are two bottles for removing scratches (one for light scratches and one for more severe ones) and in the “M” version, a bottle for polishing the metal chrome on the iPod. Also included in the package are 4 optex cloths for applying, polishing, and cleaning.

Ice Creme
Ice Creme M

Ice Creme
Before & After (Metal)
We forgot to take some before shots of the other side.

Obviously deep scratches, chips, and other major damage is beyond what Ice Creme is designed to or can do, but for everything else, using Ice Creme is a rather straightforward process. Compound A, the first bottle, is designed to grind out the deeper scratches. Compound B, the second bottle, is designed to polish and smooth out surfaces. A is quite coarse, and requires a bit of pressure to use, but in our tests, made the scratch almost disappear unless you looked for it. B removes any dullness caused by A or anything else and restores the iPod’s original shine.

RadTech suggests that you switch cloths for each compound, and that you wipe each compound off before using another. Rubbing for 30 minutes or more is also suggested to get some of the most stubborn scratches out.

Compounds A & B also work on removing scratches from the scroll wheel, screen, buttons, and anything else on the face of the iPod. You can also use these on many other products, as stated by RadTech.

Compound M doesn’t remove scratches, but instead restores the bright shine to the iPod’s metal backside. After a bit of use, we found that it worked quite well, and giving us that feeling that we just took it out of the box.

RadTech’s clear instructions make this a very easy and painless process, and for anyone paranoid about scratches on their iPod, this might be just the product.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

With a bit of work, Ice Creme helps you restore your iPod or other plastic Mac parts to something similar to their original scratch-free state.

Pros: Inexpensive solution to remove minor-to-moderate scratches on iPods, iBooks, Cinema Displays, and almost any other acrylic plastic

Cons: Doesn’t remove all scratches, doesn’t work on LCDs, PowerBooks, or G5s

The Facts

4/5Product: Ice Creme
Company: RadTech
Platform: iPod (1 2 3 4 5 N S), Mac
Price: $19.95 (regular), $24.95 (M)

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