Review: RadTech Portectorz for iPod

by on October 12, 2005

A few months ago, we took a look at RadTech’s Portectorz, silicone rubber covers for the ports on iBooks and PowerBooks. We thought it would be cool to see such a product used on other things, and when RadTech announced the Portectorz for the iPod, we had to test it out.

The little silicone “plug” fits into the Dock Connector port found on all third- and fourth-generation iPods, as well as the iPod mini and the iPod nano. It also has a bit of extra silicone around the port to create a better “seal”, protecting it from particles, dust, and moisture.


Portectorz + iPod

Although it won’t save your iPod if you take it out in a downpour or play “

Will It Float?” the Portectorz will keep the iPod safe in many casual situations, as well as preventing actual damage to the port (think of a mouthpiece in football).

Many people won’t really need a product like this, since the third-generation iPods, and some minis came with Dock Connector covers, and many cases offer their own Dock Connector protection. However, the Portectorz is great for those who’d rather keep the iPod au naturel. It’s also a good product for those who use simpler cases, like the foofpod or Apple’s iPod Socks.

This cover fits into the Dock Connector well, and actually requires a bit of work to remove. This is a good thing, since you don’t want to lose it while you’re out and about.

Overall, the Portectorz for the iPod is a good choice for people who want to keep their iPod protected. It works as advertised, and despite being $6, it saves you the worry of a damaged Dock Connector.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

This addition to the Portectorz family will ensure that your iPod stays safe from damage.

Pros: Protects Dock Connector, works with regular iPods, minis, and nanos

Cons: Somewhat pricey, redundant if you have many cases

The Facts

4/5Product: Portectorz
Company: RadTech
Platform: iPod (3 4 5 M N)
Price: $5.95

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