Review: RadTech PowerSleevz

by on August 15, 2003

We continue our product reviews of RadTech products this week with the PowerSleevz, a glovelike case for Apple’s portables. Custom-fitted for each machine, these PowerSleevzs can include a logo of some sort, either your machine name or a logo. They’re small enough to fold up and fit in your pocket!

A very simple design, but very durable, PowerSleevz fits Apple portables very nicely (in our tests). Our test PowerSleevz is Titanium and includes ‘iBook’ stamped on the outside. Getting the iBook in and out of it was somewhat tricky, but something that fits so snugly and well would be.


PowerSleevz is made of the same material as the

ScreensavRz by RadTech, just a little thicker, which means it can be used to polish anything and not scratch. Not only can they be used as a separate case, but they can protect your computer inside its conventional case.

The price is on-par, and even cheaper than similar portable computer case inserts/slipcovers. It’s handy if I just want to take my iBook with me and don’t need to lug around an AC adapter, cables, or anything else and just want basic scratch protection.

If we need to gripe about something, it’s that there isn’t a version of the PowerSleevz that features a simple handle. Many people who will buy these will find themselves forgoing their normal laptop case if they are in a hurry, or aren’t traveling far. It would be nice if the PowerSleevz was a bit better padded, as it will not likely protect against drops.

Overall we find PowerSleevz to be a good combination of being well-made, classy-looking, functional, and an inexpensive way to protect your computer.

The Facts

4/5Product: PowerSleevz
Company: RadTech
Platform: iBook and PowerBook
Price: $22.95-$24.95

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