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Review: RadTech ScreenSavrz

by on August 29, 2003

Anybody with a recently-made Apple portable (as well as many PC portables) know how the keyboard seems to scuff the screen. As laptops keep getting thinner, engineers have to reduce the amount of ‘extra space’ between the keyboard and screen when closed. Any time a little bit of pressure is applied to the back of the screen, the keyboard comes in contact with the screen. Every bit of oil from your fingers that is on the keyboard could be transferred to the screen.

Cleaning the screen all the time is a senseless solution, as it’s not only unnecessary, but also leaves room for more times to get liquids in the LCD. Many people have created an easier solution – putting an item in between their keyboard and screen when their notebook is closed. RadTech has created the ScreenSavrz to remedy the situation.

RadTech ScreenSavrz

Probably one of the original solutions to this problems, our final RadTech product to review matches the PowerSleevz case, as it’s made out of a same material, only thinner. It’s the same high-quality, and custom fitted for your model of Mac notebook. You can get it in different colors (grey, aqua, black and ‘shagwire’), as well as different embossed logos. Being machine washable, this is the most elegant solution, and the price is very reasonable. It can also be used to polish/clean the screen and other parts of your portable.

Pay the $13-$18 for your computer and get the ScreensavRz. If you have scuffing, it can get rid of most of it. It is also very durable, and just looks so darn cool with any portable.

Rating: 8/10

The Facts

Product: ScreensavRz
Company: RadTech
Platform: Mac (iBook and PB G4 Only)
Price: $12.95-$17.95 (Based on size)

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