Review: RadTech WildEepz

by on August 8, 2003

Got a recent Apple portable? AluBook? Good. iBook? Good. TiBook? Even better! I’m sure you know how the rubber bumpers that prevent the screen ‘half’ of the computer from hitting the keyboard ‘half’ when it’s closed really seem to be sub-par, compared with everything else from Apple. Did yours fall off or rip and Apple wanted to charge you an obscene amount of money to replace them (they insist on replacing the entire top casing)?

Well, the good folks at RadTech have a solution, they advertise. Used in conjunction with the current bumpers or by themselves, WildEepz have been revised a few times since their release a little over a year ago. Originally intended as a solution for TiBooks who lost their bumpers, they became popular for other portables, such as the iBook and AluBooks.

RadTech WildEepz

Made of silicone, these cushions are clear, so whether your notebook is white or silver they will blend. There are two varieties – thick (for iBooks and the two AluBooks) and thin (for TiBooks). In each order, you receive 10 cushions and a template to place them in just the right spot. They are as simple to install as peel-and-stick, hold quite well, but remove without damaging your portable.

In most cases, the need for some sort of protector that prevents rubbing of gunk from the keys to the screen is eliminated by these. The computer also feels more solid.

In tests, I found the thick iBook cushions to be a little too thick on my iBook (Late-2001 model) and made closing it just a little tougher than I was used to. I found that putting the thick ones at the corners of the screen and the thin ones around the latch made the best combination for me.

RadTech’s service was outstanding, and they were quick to respond to my question regarding the thick cushions. I was assured that in most cases the thicker ones work fine. WildEepz are, however, on the pricey side. For the budget-conscious, a less attractive solution can probably be found, but might not blend as well as these, nor be as specially engineered. They are very convenient, as the included template makes installation painless.

I am quite impressed with these, although they are expensive. They match my iBook perfectly and don’t look out of place. The company that makes them was also very helpful and responded to inquiries in a timely manner. If you have a recent Apple portable that needs more support, or are missing the bumpers, you should look into these.

Rating: 6/10

The Facts

Product: WildEepz
Company: RadTech
Platform: iBook and PowerBook
Price: $11.95-$15.95

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