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Review: Rain Design iLap

by on June 3, 2004

I thought the iLap by Rain Design was going to be just another laptop stand. Sure, it looks nice, as this aluminum stand matches the PowerBook G4s perfectly, and still matches the overall motif of the iBook, but I wondered what made the iLap better than cheaper stands from other companies. I soon learned that the flexibility of the iLap is what sets it apart from the rest.

Depending on what laptop you own, the iLap will cost between $50 for the 12 inch model and $70 for the 17 inch model. The stand itself, is anodized aluminum, with covered foam pads. The front one is removable, while the back one is not.


For desktop use, the iLap works like almost any other stand – place your laptop on top of it and place it on your desk. It elevates the back of your laptop so that typing is more comfortable. Removing the foam pad from the front is necessary when being used on the desk.

For mobile use, the iLap really shines. The foam pads on the front and bottom of the iLap provide a comfortable platform for you to use your laptop on your lap, and giving you enough space to actually use your trackpad. Another feature of the iLap is that it elevates the usually quite hot bottom of a laptop off a user’s thigh, replacing the hot metal surface with the other foam pad.

Improved airflow underneath a laptop because of the iLap allows for a computer that runs cooler. The aluminum is advertised as helping dissipate the heat as well.

The iLap is available in many sizes to fit almost any laptop, from the 12″ iBook/PowerBook to the megawide 17″ PowerBook, and all the sizes in between. Wintel laptops of similar sizes will also be able to use the iLap. To find out if your laptop will fit the iLap, a web page lists all the dimensions. Getting a larger size is also an option for smaller laptops.

You can now take your laptop anywhere and not have to look for a desk or table, as you can comfortably use it for hours in your lap, thanks to the iLap. This is one of the best stands for road-warriors who want a stand they can truly use anywhere.

The One-Sentence Verdictâ„¢

Taking the concept of the laptop stand and allowing the same stand to be used on the desk and a person’s lap makes this one a must-have.

Pros: Anodized aluminum dissipates heat, comfortable, can be used on a desk or a lap

Cons: Wrist rest must be removed for desk use

Rating: 9/10

The Facts

Product: iLap
Company: Rain Design
Platform: Mac (iBook or PowerBook)
Price: $49.90-$69.90

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