Review: Rain Design iRest

by on March 26, 2004

Users of recent Macs generally have matching input devices and want to get accessories, such as wrist rests and mouse pads. Some run into the problem of finding one that matches their computer.

Fear not, Mr. Monk: the Rain Design iRest is designed to match Apple’s current pure-white consumer design aesthetic. Filled with gel and covered in Lycra, the iRest is designed not only to look good, but provide support and comfort for your wrists. A matching right- or left-handed (specify when ordering) mouse pad is included, which provides a modicum of wrist support for the mousing hand.


Rain Design iRest

The iRest is the same size and shape as many other wrist rests, but its distinct white color and very comfortable material make it stand out from the pack. The included mouse pad is simple, yet comfortable and functional. The only markings on either are the brighter-white text ‘Rain Design’ on the iRest and a small grey version of their raindrop logo on the center of the mouse pad. Non-skid surfaces on the underside of both prevent slipping. There are also two adhesive strips on the underside of the mouse pad to allow attachment to a desk.

Also, according to many, lighter-colored mouse pads provide a better tracking surface for optical mice, and allow the batteries on cordless mice last longer since less power is required to track movement. Although we haven’t been able to test the battery life of our Logitech Cordless Click yet, tracking does seem to work a little better for both the Cordless Click and our Apple Pro Mouse.

Our only complaint about the iRest is that it gets dirty easily, but is just as easy to clean. With a little soap and water every few weeks, it looks like new, and the best looking mouse pad/wrist rest combo keep their good looks.

The nearly-$20 price tag might seem a bit high, but compared to other wrist rests of this quality, it does seem reasonable (especially since you get a matching mouse pad with anti-skid features not seen on many cheaper ones). The iRest would be even more appealing if sold by itself, as many would want to use their own favorite mouse pads.

The One-Sentence Verdictâ„¢

If you’re looking for a mouse pad and wrist rest set that matches your Mac’s hardware perfectly, look no further than Rain Design’s iRest.
Rating: 8/10

The Facts

Product: iRest
Company: Rain Design
Platform: Mac/Win
Price: $19.90

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