Review: SendStation earBuddy

by on December 8, 2005

The one thing that Apple does not include with the standard iPod earbuds is a case. Even the cheapest earbuds you can get have some sort of winding case. Fortunately, SendStation, the folks behind the PocketDocks, have introduced a new product designed to store and protect the standard iPod earbuds.

Available in two different color schemes (all black or orange and silver), the earBuddy does cost more than some earbuds. The convenient $15 case lets you wrap your earbuds in a small plastic and ballistic nylon keychain.

earBuddy Closed

earBuddy Open

The entire case unzips to reveal a plastic center section, designed to hold the actual earbuds and wrap the cable around. The earBuddy felt very well-made, and also seemed like it would hold up well in even the toughest conditions.m According to SendStation, the earBuddy can withstand 200 pounds of force. Hopefully, if you plan on being this rough on your earbuds, you have a good case for your iPod, too.

We thought the earBuddy is a great product, with the only exception being the price. At $15, it might be a bit high for the likes of some, especially since that price is about halfway to Apple’s earbuds and more than some other replacement pairs. That price is only a drop in a bucket if you have some very expensive ‘buds, which makes the security and protectiveness of the earBuddy more important. If you care about those trendy white earbuds or any other similarly-sized pair, this might be the product for you.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

The earBuddy combines good looks, durability, and a small size.

Pros: Good build quality, small size, keychain, good design

Cons: Some might be turned off by its price

The Facts

4/5Product: earBuddy
Company: SendStation Systems
Platform: iPod (1 2 3 4 5 M N S)
Price: $14.95

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