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Review: Sonnet iPod USB Power Adapter

by on January 6, 2006

Last month, we took a look at Griffin’s PowerBlock. Sonnet Technologies offers their iPod USB Power Adapter, a similar product, but with price tag of $20. Available in white or black, with matching USB-to-Dock Connector cable, the iPod USB Power Adapter is not only inexpensive, but very compact.

Apple offers their own AC adapter for $30, which is the same one that used to be included with many iPods, but does not include any cables. The one distinct advantage is that you could use it with an extension from any iBook/PowerBook AC adapter, but that was about it.

iPod USB Power Adapter
iPod USB Power Adapter

iPod USB Power Adapter
iPod USB Power Adapter & Cable

Sonnet’s AC adapter is tiny compared to Apple’s and still smaller than Griffin’s. Although the curved casing doesn’t quite match Apple’s product line, it still is quite simple and classy. A small LED indicates whether or not the adapter is getting power and if it is charging an iPod. A USB connector is on the bottom for connecting the included Dock Connector cable for charging an iPod. iPod shuffles can plug directly into the unit. The plug itself folds away for travel, just like the options from Apple or Griffin.

The AC adapter can be used with any iPod that supports USB charging, and is capable of “fast charge” on the iPods, too. This includes the shuffle and all Dock Connector iPods, except the third-generation model.

Besides the included, the other advantages of this AC adapter is the lower price and color choice. It works as advertised, and can even be used worldwide, as it supports 100-240V, 50/60Hz, although you will have to get a physical adapter for the plug.

Overall, we feel that Sonnet’s AC adapter is probably the best AC adapter out there for iPods. With the choice of colors, included USB-to-Dock Connector, and compact form factor, the iPod USB Power Adapter is a no-brainer.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

Sonnet’s AC adapter is cheaper than the competition, smaller, and offers color choice.

Pros: Good build quality, USB-to-Dock Connector included
Cons: None significant

Rating: 10/10

The Facts

Product: iPod USB Power Adapter
Company: Sonnet Technologies, Inc.
Platform: iPod (4 5 M N S)
Price: $19.99

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