Review: SwitchEasy CARA

by on February 28, 2011

We’ve reviewed a few of SwitchEasy’s iPad cases and we decided to save our favorite for last. Although there are many different kinds of iPad cases, the folio-style ones tend to be very popular. Unfortunately, some add significant bulk, and most feel like a leather planner with the iPad’s inclusion an afterthought. The SwitchEasy CARA is a $50 iPad cases that aims to put the focus back on the iPad.

Cara Cara Cara
Cara Cara

Available in red, white, a combination of red and white, or black, the CARA is a new spin on the traditional folio-style case. When closed, the iPad is fully protected, by a case that features a mix of two materials—a rubbery elastomer material for the back and sides of the iPad and a hard polycarbonate shell for the screen-protecting flap. When open, the screen flap folds behind the iPad and features the same rubbery material as a liner- preventing scratches on your iPad’s screen and acting as a non-slip base when sitting on a table.

It seems that SwitchEasy is especially good at creating cases that have a traditional feel with some sort of unique styling quality. This holds true once again with the CARA, as the screen-protecting flap features a unique “turtle-shell” design. Raised hexagonal areas seem to provide some durability and strength, while the glossy, polycarbonate material seems to be very difficult to scratch in our few weeks of testing.

Inserting and removing the iPad into and from the case is remarkably simple. There is enough give with the case that you can put the iPad under a corner or two and work around. This should make it a bit easier for you to clean your iPad or remove it to use with various docks.

As with other SwitchEasy cases, the CARA includes quite a few little “extras” to help protect an iPad. Included in the package are two fold-out stands, a screen protector, microfiber cloth, squeegee for installing the screen protector, two headphone jack protectors, and two Dock Connector protectors. While the fold out stands are pretty basic, they do serve their purpose. Unfortunately, they are not adjustable, but fold completely flat. The screen protector is also nothing special, but installs fairly easily and does not serve as a distraction (although it will get fingerprints and has that “rainbow effect”, both noticeable when the iPad is off). Finally, the port protectors are a handy addition, especially if you rarely use your iPad’s headphone jack or want to keep the Dock Connector clean. All of these items are nice additions, especially if you otherwise would not pay for them.

When you add up all of the unique design touches, durable construction, and all the included accessories, the CARA is a very good value. Furthermore, for a case that offers the protection it does, it’s rather thin, preventing any added bulk on the iPad.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

The SwitchEasy CARA is a well-designed case that offers a good mix of protection and style.

Pros: Thin, protective design, nice accessories

Cons: None significant

The Facts

5/5Product: CARA
Company: SwitchEasy
Platform: iPad (1) – Versions available for 2 and 3, but not reviewed
Price: $49.99

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