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Review: SwitchEasy Duo

by on April 15, 2011

Leather cases have been a technology staple from the earliest days of the handheld calculator. Durable, classy, and professional, devices are protected. SwitchEasy, longtime maker of plastic or rubber cases tries their hand at leather iPhone cases with the Duo, a $30 leather slipcase.

Duo Duo Duo

The Duo is a simple slipcase, a pouch that protects the iPhone when not in use, but leaves it nakecowmen you’re using it. While this design is fine for iPad cases, many poeple use the iPhones differently. Drops are likely to happen if you’re holding your iPhone and it slips out of your hand. Because of this, the use-while-cased designs are much popular.

That being said, if you are into the slipcase scene, the Duo is available in either white, black, brown, or tan and not only feels pretty good, it seems to be well-made. There is a bit of classiness to the tan test unit we had, especially when paired with the aesthetics of the iPhone. Small metal versions of the SwitchEasy logo are the only markings on the case. The design offers another surprise—you can insert the iPhone in either end, as a ribbon that runs the length of the inside of the case keeps your iPhone secure (and also seems to protect most of the Dock Connector). The only exposed areas of the iPhone will be opposite top and bottom corners, for easy removal, although the case does extend further than the corners to protect against drops.

The inside of the case is lined with a soft microfiber and SwitchEasy includes two screen protectors, a cleaning cloth, and the applicator card, familiar to anyone who has used their other products. Absent are the video viewing stands or port protecting plugs present in other products.

While we’re not crazy of the idea of having to figure out where to put an iPhone case when we’re using the iPhone, the Duo offers adequate protection and seems to execute this genre of cases quite well. It certainly is a better option for those who like to keep their iPhones as naked as possible.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

The SwitchEasy Duo is a competent leather slipcase that offers more protection that just using a naked iPhone.

Pros: Stylish, seems well-made, screen protectors a great addition

Cons: As with any slipcase, you have to remove the phone to answer a call/use it, what to do with the case when the phone is in use

Rating: 7/10

The Facts

Product: Duo
Company: SwitchEasy
Platform: iPhone 4
Price: $29.99

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