Review: SwitchEasy Thins

by on February 17, 2012

In a time when most of the world is concerned with the newest gadgets, I often find myself feeling slightly outdated by using an original iPad (other members of our staff have the second one, so there’s plenty to go around for testing purposes). Regardless of what iPad you may be using, SwitchEasy has a case for you—the $40 Thins, a basic sleeve that is designed to fit both the original iPad and its sequel.

Thins Thins Thins
Thins Thins

Thins are available in four colors: black, red, viola, and blue, and get their name from their thin—4mm—design. The sleeves are made of neoprene and the edges are heat-sealed, rather than stitched to prevent fraying and snags. In our tests, we didn’t notice any issues with durability, but we would be curious to see how this method holds up long-term. At the open end, there’s a flap that is held closed with two pieces of Velcro, and a bit of reinforcement in the sleeve itself. Inside is a microfiber lining to protect against scratches.

Originally, Thins was a product marketed towards the iPad 2 only, but since it can accommodate an iPad 2 with both plastic shell and a Smart Cover, there’s no reason why a naked original iPad won’t fit, too. This is also reflected in the pack-ins that have become a SwitchEasy trademark—two video stands, a screen film (with front-facing camera cutout, but will fit an original iPad), cleaning cloth, and applicator card.

If there are any areas to complain, however, would be the utility and price. For the same price, you can get the company’s TRIG, which doubles as a stand and gives a bit more breathing room for older iPads, and for a bit less, the RibCage, which follows the same sleeve design, but a bit more radical design. Because of competition from other products in SwitchEasy’s lineup, we think Thins would be better in the $30-$35 price range. Furthermore, it doesn’t serve another purpose when not holding your iPad and will probably not help in more severe drops.

Overall, the product seems like a solid solution that will offer some protection, and can appeal to all iPad owners. It’s a clever design and and includes all the goodies like any other SwitchEasy product, which enhances the value, even if it feels a bit on the pricey side.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

Thins is a clever product that offers a different take on the neoprene sleeve, and works with all iPads.

Pros: Compatible with Smart Cover & shells, minimalist design, included accessories

Cons: Stronger options in SwitchEasy’s lineup

The Facts

3/5Product: Thins
Company: SwitchEasy
Platform: iPad (1, 2, 3)
Price: $39.99

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