Review: SwitchEasy Capsule

by on March 27, 2006

Ever looked at your iPod nano and felt bored? Though the nano exemplifies the futuristic chic design that first attracted us to the iPod, the sea of monotonous black or white colors just don’t cut it for many of us. If you’re like me, you yearn for color! For individualization! For the ability to tell your nano apart from your best friends’ besides turning it on or spying that small scratch on the side from when you dropped it on the treadmill and watched in horror as it became airborne and landed three feet away!

Capsule (Taken Apart)

Capsule + iPod nano

Capsule (Back View)

The answer to your deepest desires lies with Capsule, SwitchEasy’s newest accessory system for iPod nano. Capsule is essentially a two-piece, plastic case that totally encases your nano and comes in five sweet colors; Black Amber, Shaved Ice, Red Mama, Tangy Orange, and Citrus Apple. The tinted lenses are also sold separately, so nano owners can mix-and-match colors to their heart’s content. To boot, SwitchEasy throws in a matching lanyard and reusable Stickies for your click wheel, all for about $20.

I must admit Capsule is pretty appealing. These cases are as stylish as the nano and add that much needed color while still allowing you to see your nano, screen and all, from the front. The totally encompassing plastic and Stickies also protect your iPod on all sides. The removable lanyard, securing the nano to your neck either straight or at an angle, aids in hands-free listening and helps those of us who are inclined to forget this expensive, yet easy-to-lose device in random places.

However, this case is far from perfect. Capsule was not designed for rough use and can realistically take on only minor bumps and scrapes. So if you’re the clumsiest person you know or regularly partake in unprofessional extreme sports, I’d suggest passing on this one. Though Capsule claims the matching Stickies are reusable upon removal, you’ll soon see a portion folding over and gathering random lint and hair. The design, though protecting your nano on all fronts, prevents you from access to the Hold switch and Dock Connector and has a snug fit, thus making insertion and removal a little tricky for novice Capsule users. I found removing the lens and using gravity along with a controlled-jiggling movement worked best. Attaching the lanyard also took about three minutes of valuable time and the use of a needle I forgot I had buried in the back of a drawer.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

SwitchEasy’s Capsule is great for low-impact users who are looking for style along with protection at a reasonable price.

Pros: Awesome color selection and style, mix and match individually sold lenses, fully protective, removable lanyard, click wheel cover, cheap price

Cons: Essentially one-use click wheel cover, restricted access, slightly tricky insertion and removal, difficult lanyard attachment

The Facts

4/5Product: Capsule
Company: SwitchEasy
Platform: iPod (N)
Price: $19.99

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