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Review: Thought Out Ped2

by on September 14, 2005

The iPod Dock, when used with iPods is quite decent, although it poses two problems: first, it still requires you to use your Dock Connector cable for charging or file transfer, and secondly, your iPod must be naked. For those who’d rather keep their iPods clothed while playing to a stereo system, charging (depending on the case, due to heat restrictions), or just want a better option than Apple’s Dock, Thought Out’s Ped2 offers quite a few additional features.

For just a bit more cash than Apple’s Dock, the Ped2 is priced at $39.99. Some of the benefits of using this dock, besides having a universal appeal to all iPod users (except shufflers), is that it elevates your iPod off of the desk, giving it a safe “home”.


Ped2 (Side View)

Ped2 + iPod Armor

Ped2 Parts

The standard Ped2 is just the stand, no more, no less. Made of steel and having a Cinema Display or iMac G5-inspired design, the stand securely cradles all iPods (except the nano, which it will only hold). Non-skid rubber can be found on the bottom, ensuring that your iPod won’t slide around—or off—your desk. It’s available in white or black, so everyone should be happy.

The nice thing about the Ped2 over previous models, and other stands is that it can be customized, thanks to the PEDHead system. By adding or removing spacers, you can make the stand as narrow or wide as you’d like. This allows you to use almost any iPod in it, with almost any case. The Ped2 can even be used with iPod-sized devices, such as cell phones, PDAs, Blackberries, or gaming devices. The only drawback to this system is that it does take some time to add or remove pieces.

Besides the clever design, the other positive of this product is its sturdy construction. Simply put, it just feels like your iPod won’t be going anywhere.

A hole in the back lets you run a Dock Connector cable to the Ped2, but products like SendStation’s PocketDocks also will work. Top-mount accessories are also compatible, just as long as they are compatible with the case you are using.

For an extra $18, you can get the Ped2 with SiK’s din, giving you full capabilities. Connect a FireWire cable from the din to your AC adapter (if you have a FireWire one), and you’ve freed up your Dock Connector cable for other use. There’s also an audio line-out for connecting to a car stereo, home stereo, or external speakers, like JBL’s Creature IIs. It seemed a bit tough to remove the din from the Ped2, but it can be done by removing the rubber grommet and then pulling the cable through.

The Ped2 is great if you need an iPod dock/cradle that will fill some specific need. It does a good job of cable management (cables won’t slide off of your desk if you unplug your iPod), and it also gives you easy access to the iPod’s controls. By using third-party docking products, like the PocketDocks, you can create a custom iPod dock that will work best in your setup.

Overall, this is the kind of product that will make quite a few users very happy, but others might choose to pass. With its quality construction and adaptability, the Ped2 will help those who really want to organize their tech workspace.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

The Ped2 works with almost all iPods and looks cool while doing it, but seems a bit pricey and adjustment can be a bit of work.

Pros: Very sturdy, matches Apple Cinema Displays and iMac G5, works with most iPods, allows use of most accessories, manages cables very well
Cons: A bit expensive, modifications can take some time (but not too much)

Rating: 9/10

The Facts

Product: Ped2
Company: Thought Out
Platform: iPod (1 2 3 4 5 M N)
Price: $39.99 ($57.99 with SiK din)

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