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Review: Uniea Colorama Folio for iPhone 5

by on February 22, 2013

Most cases that we review are the type that provide an extra layer of protection, sort of like a shell (either soft or hard), as opposed to actually being a true case. We were intrigued when Uniea sent a Colorama Folio for the iPhone 5 our way, a $30 case, designed to protect your iPhone from all sides—including the screen.

Uniea Colorama Folio Uniea Colorama Folio Uniea Colorama Folio
Uniea Colorama Folio Uniea Colorama Folio Uniea Colorama Folio

The Colorama Folio is available in a handful of colors, including green, pink, purple, orange, black and white. The case itself is made of thin synthetic leather panels, with a texture similar to basketball. The portions that come in contact with the phone are made of a soft microfiber, designed to prevent scratches and damage. The back is metal-reinforced for extra strength. A flap covers the screen when the iPhone is not in use, and there are two thin strips along the bottom that act as a hinge. They connect to the rest of the case without blocking ports. A small tab holds the closed cover in place, using pressure along the top band of the iPhone. It works, but it seems Uniea could have created a more elegant solution, especially since you have to make sure that the cover lines up perfectly.

The case itself protects certain areas of the iPhone better than others—the back is completely covered, the front is covered when the flap is closed, and the sides are partially covered. Areas like the volume and sleep/wake buttons, silent switch, and corners are exposed, which can be both handy and detrimental, depending on how rough you handle your iPhone.

The design is rather minimal, probably won’t protect against drops, but should prevent additional scrapes and scratches. In fact, Uniea advertises the weight of the case—40 grams. One problem with cases like this is that the flap gets annoying when actually using the iPhone. By moving the flap to the bottom of the case, it’s not quite as awkward when holding it in your hand, especially when compared to cases with a flap that folds to the left or right. If it were at the top of the case, it could rest along the back of the phone without any additional help, but Uniea’s decision to put it at the bottom certainly doesn’t lead to a frustrating experience.

Overall, the Colorama Folio provides adequate basic protection for many iPhone users, especially if you prefer to carry your phone naked. If you require additional protection, you may want to look at a product that wraps around every corner of the iPhone itself.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

The Colorama Folio is a good minimalist choice if you want a folio-style iPhone case.

Pros: Thin, lightweight, variety of colors, screen protection
Cons: Flap secure, but latching mechanism could be better, large exposed areas
Rating: 7/10

The Facts

Product: Colorama Folio for iPhone 5
Company: Uniea
Platform: iPhone 5
Price: $29.95

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