Review: Uniea Omniverse

by on June 12, 2009

In our years of product reviews, we’ve looked at a number of iPod and iPhone cases, almost all of which are designed for a specfic model. This is usually due to Apple redesigning the enclosure of such devices. Sometimes it is as simple as buttons being moved or redesigned, while others mean the entire shape of the device has changed. Uniea’s $15 Omniverse is an inexpensive alternative that you can use with numerous devices.

Uniea Omniverse Uniea Omniverse Uniea Omniverse Uniea Omniverse

Available with a “silk fiber” or nylon exterior, the Omniverse for 2.5 inch hard drive, cell phone, or media player is more of a sleeve-style case in that you can slide the device in and zip it closed. Inside the case is a shock absorbent foam material that resembles a number of so-called “memory foam” products. This allows it to mold to various devices, whether it be a more blocky 2.5″ hard drive or a svelte iPhone 3G. On the outside of the case, there is a small zippered pocket, designed for a cable or earbuds, as well as a belt loop and a carabiner-style ring for attaching it to a bag or clothing.

After about a month of use, we found the Omniverse held up quite well with a variety of tests with a 2.5″ USB hard drive, an iPod touch, and a fifth-generation iPod. For small external hard drives, the Omniverse really shines. If you have a bag that doesn’t have enough pockets or even if you aren’t using a bag, the Omniverse will protect against drops, bumps, and other accidental damage.

For iPods and iPhones, the Omniverse may be a big too bulky for day-to-day use compared to the numerous form-fitting plastic, leather and silicone cases. However, we think the Omniverse added to an iPod/iPhone+case combination offers the best protection for those that are a bit paranoid.

In summary, Uniea’s Omniverse seems rather well-made and offers pretty good protection for various small electronic devices. At $15, it’s about as cheap as some small camera or hard drive cases you can get a discount retailers, but offers arguably more protection.

The One-Sentence Verdictâ„¢

Uniea’s Omniverse provides plenty of protection at a low price for iPods, hard drives, and small cameras.

Pros: Good build quality, padded interior, outside pocket, inexpensive

Cons: A bit bulky for iPod/iPhone use

The Facts

4.5/5Product: Omniverse
Company: Uniea
Platform: iPod, iPhone, 2.5″ hard drive, small digital cameras
Price: $14.95

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