Review: Uniea Rebelution Skidboard

by on May 14, 2012

The funny thing about the new iPad is that it is compatible with only certain iPad 2 cases, giving early adopters both a mix of existing options, and the opportunity for third-parties to create all-new cases. Uniea’s Rebelution Skidboard may have a funny name, but it’s one of the earliest folio-meets-hard-shell cases for the Apple’s newest iPad.

Rebelution Skidboard Rebelution Skidboard Rebelution Skidboard Rebelution Skidboard
Rebelution Skidboard Rebelution Skidboard Rebelution Skidboard Rebelution Skidboard

Priced at $45, it’s only a tad more than Apple’s Smart Cover, or many of the bulky, folio-style cases found at most retailers. However, it does provide about the same kind of coverage as a Smart Cover and rear plastic shell. Three materials make up the case: a nylon skin on the cover and back, a plastic shell, and a soft microfiber interior. This results in a sturdy, yet thin case that the iPad snaps into. Plastic corners give additional protection from bumps and dings and the canvas offers a mix of durability and style. Depending on the color, the Rebelution Skidboard could look just as at home in a boardroom as a college student’s backpack.

The case is available in a number of color combinations, including red plastic with red nylon or black, purple, or orange with tan nylon. As expected, the cover features a magnet to activate the iPad’s sleep/wake sensor, and folds back to act as a stand (either in a typing angle or a viewing angle).

The only negative we found with this case is the tab to keep it closed—it’s located on the cover and folds into a loop on the back of the case both when closed or when the cover is being used as a stand. Although it seems well-attached, and keeps the cover securely closed, it is somewhat difficult to quickly open. This may be a pain for someone who is more accustomed to something like the Smart Cover or SwitchEasy’s CARA. It seems like it may break in over time. On the loops, there is rubber printing of the product name and Uniea’s Web address. Some may find this a bit large and garish, but it seems no worse than many cases by Speck, InCase, or Belkin.

In short, the Rebelution Skidboard is a very solid choice for an iPad case that adds some protection without adding a lot of bulk. In some ways, the design is most like Apple’s original iPad case, but made out of more conventional materials, and seems better designed.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

Uniea’s Rebelution Skidboard is a good all-around iPad case for those who want protection, not much bulk, and has only a few minor drawbacks.

Pros: Cheaper than a Smart Cover + back shell, cover offers two angles, variety of color choices, thin and lightweight

Cons: Latching tab may be a bit too secure/bulky

The Facts

4/5Product: Rebelution Skidboard
Company: Uniea
Platform: iPad (3)
Price: $44.95

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