Review: Uniea U-Motion for iPhone 3G/3GS

by on November 12, 2009

The tag line for the new Uniea U-Motion armband states, “Your music, your photos, your life – only an arm’s length away.” I don’t know too much about photos or life, but music, absolutely.

Uniea U-Motion Uniea U-Motion Uniea U-Motion Uniea U-Motion

It doesn’t take long working out with this new exercise/iPhone solution from Uniea to know this isn’t your parents’ iPod armband. Here’s the run down. The U-Motion is made of a high-quality polychloroprene called Neoprene (used to make wetsuits) and touts flexibility, breathability, comfort, and every runner’s dream—cord management—at a fairly reasonable $24.95 price-point.

Logistically, the U-Motion meets expectations. Inserting your iPhone is simple, but the U-Motion keeps your $80 plus monthly donation to AT&T secure. Putting the U-Motion on is about easy as you would come to expect from a workout armband. While at first glance you’re disappointed by the opaqueness of the front screen, the material is rather responsive to touch, making scrolling, taping, and selecting surprisingly easy while thumbing around on a treadmill.

For those of you less than pleased by comfort or fit from other armbands, the U-Motion does not disappoint. The armband feels secure while running, or even arm workouts, and the velcro pads provide a secure connection, while still remaining fairly comfortable. The armband does collect sweat and dirt, but holds up well in the washing machine. Overall, the armband is extremely comfortable.

Perhaps, the U-Motion’s most attractive feature is its cord management system. While it would be easy to just put a slot on the side and advertise cord management, the U-Motion gets it right. The additional velcro slot keeps your cords in place, and even allows for secure storage while not in use.

So, what’s not to like? Well, we hope you like black, because in an Apple-world full of color, that’s the only color from that you have to choose. And, while the design is slim, the look could be a bit more sleek.

Overall, the U-Motion from Uniea won’t disappoint those looking to walk, run, or workout while listening to their favorite pump-up mix.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

The U-Motion from Uniea is a comfortable, secure, and flexible armband solution for workout enthusiast with above average touch functionality and cord-management.

Pros: Secure velcro pads, front screen allows easy control, comfortable, and built-in cord management

Cons: You can choose between black, black, or black

The Facts

4.5/5Product: U-Motion
Company: Uniea
Platform: iPhone 3G, 3GS
Price: $24.95

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