Review: XtremeMac Deluxe iPod Case

by on February 17, 2004

We’ve reviewed various iPod cases in the past, and we have now had the opportunity to review the leather XtremeMac Deluxe iPod Case for a few weeks. The Deluxe iPod Case provides plenty of protection, a high-quality design, and good looks at a reasonable price.

The Deluxe iPod Case is made of hand-selected, glove-soft leather, and is lined and padded with a very soft fabric. The case has a flap that flips over the front to provide protection while the iPod is unused or in a pocket. There is a slot on the bottom for the dock connector, as well as an opening on the top to allow the use of headphones and a remote when the case is closed. The iPod is held in place by a frame that wraps around the sides and bottom.

XtremeMac Deluxe iPod Case
XtremeMac Deluxe iPod Case

XtremeMac Deluxe iPod Case
XtremeMac Deluxe iPod Case Closed

When the flap is closed, Velcro strips on either side of the dock connector hold the flap in place, protecting the dock connector and eliminating the need for an easy-to-lose dock connector cover.

As the case provides plenty of protection when closed, there is no need for a plastic protector in front of the iPod. When the case is open, the top is also exposed, making it possible to use an iTrip or similar accessory.

The Deluxe iPod Case includes a removable belt clip that is very secure. Requiring a button-push to unlatch the clip from the case, the clip will not easily become unattached from the case. It also attached very tightly to a belt, and seems much more durable than many other cases.

The case sells for $29.95, and, when ordered directly from XtremeMac. The case feels luxurious, and fits the iPod very well. It also does not detract from the appearance of the iPod, and is one of the few cases that allow the use of accessories that attach to the top of the iPod.

Having a remote is recommended, as the case can be kept closed most of the time. It is quite annoying to have to open the case to skip a song every once in a while.

Over time, some users have reported that the case has a harder time staying closed. In our months of using it, we have not had this problem, but it might be worth further investigating if you are in the market for an iPod case, especially since the iPod can slide out of it easily.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

The XtremeMac Deluxe Case has now become our daily-use case, is a great value, and has no major problems, so we can wholeheartedly recommend it.
Rating: 8/10

The Facts

Product: Deluxe iPod Case
Company: XtremeMac
Platform: iPod (3 4)
Price: $29.95

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