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Review: XtremeMac Xtremity

by on August 3, 2004

I was excited to give the Xtremity a try…afterall, it is one of the few cases that works with both the third- and fourth-generation iPods. Initially, I wasn’t a big fan of the Xtremity, due to its bulkiness, and snugness with the iPod, but after using the case for awhile, it really grew on me…and my iPod.

The Xtremity is not just a case, but as XtremeMac touts, “the complete iPod case system”. Curiosity was a main reason for wanting to try this product, and that there’s not much other information about it from other sources. The case itself is hard plastic, with grey rubber trim and a detachable clear plastic cover. The back features a “rail” for sliding in belt clips and other Xtremity-compatible accessories.


Xtremity + iPod

Xtremity Port Cover

Xtremity Belt Clip & Dash Mount


Putting the iPod in the case is a rather simple process. XtremeMac warns customers to make sure their iPod is clean, as dirt can cause scratches. Owners of thinner iPods must attach an adhesive-backed spacer to the case. This is familiar with all of the “one-size fits all” cases. After this step, the iPod must be slid into the case. Since the case has rubber inside of it, there will be some resistance. We didn’t find this to be a problem, but some people might be frightened by this toughness on their iPod, as we were initially.

Once the iPod was in the Xtremity, it wasn’t going anywhere. After trying to make the iPod fall out of the case, it simply wouldn’t. This makes the case idea for anyone who is active, or wants a durable case for their iPod that will actually protect it. Removal of the iPod is a slightly challenging process, as the same rubber that grips it and keeps it from slipping out keeps you from sliding the iPod out. Once out, though, we didn’t notice any damage, although there were easily wiped-off marks from the rubber – nothing different from some other cases that fit snugly on the iPod.

The Cover

A detachable plastic cover is designed to cover the front of the iPod when it is being used. It features no openings, so it must be opened to change songs, an annoyance. The cover is clear, allowing you to see what song is playing. The top of the front side it features two rubber cushions to prevent scratching, and the actual top is the same grey rubber as everything else and has an opening for the headphone jack and remote port. Unfortunately, an iTrip or any other top-mount device won’t work with the cover closed. The cover must be opened or detached to use one of these accessories. Detaching the cover results in a holster for the iPod, but does not have front-protection.


Included with the Xtremity are two accessories – a belt clip and a dash mount. The belt clip is similar to Xtremity’s sibiling, the Deluxe iPod Case, except that the case does not have an annoying post for the clip to grab on to. Instead, XtremeMac moved the post to the clip itself. This is really nice for those who like a belt clip, but still want to leave the case on their desk. The belt clip is quite sturdy and doesn’t feel like it will fall off of your belt easily.

The included dash mount is a nice touch. For those who don’t want to put a gigantic iPod mount in your car, this might be just the thing. The dash mount itself is rather small and has adhesive, allowing you to stick it anywhere. The Xtremity slides on and off of the mount, and locks into place. Although very simple, the dash mount is something that you don’t find too often as an included accessory. Extra dash mounts and belt clips are available to buy.

Other slide-on accessories are in the works, creating a semi-universal form factor of things you can keep with your iPod. A Bluetooth wireless transmitter, FM transmitter, and battery extender are all expected.

Dock Connector Cover

A rubber plug is included to cover the hole left open for the dock connector. It completely seals off the opening, which we find a useful feature, something not found on the Contour Showcase. Other than that it can be lost, it’s nice.

To Conclude…

The Xtremity is an innovative one-of-a-kind case, with only a few complaints from us. XtremeMac has backed it with a lifetime guarantee. It provides good protection, as it is a hard case, and has a competitive price tag. The included accessories, and promised future accessories make this case stand out.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

The Xtremity not only matches your iPod, but provides ample protection, and has lots of included goodies.

Pros: Hard-shell design, innovative belt clip, included dash mount, more slide-on accessories, dock connector cover (something 4G iPods lack)
Cons: iPod fits almost too snugly, clear cover can be annoying if you don’t have a remote, and must be removed/opened to use top-mount accessories

Rating: 9/10

The Facts

Product: Xtremity
Company: XtremeMac
Platform: iPod (3 4)
Price: $29.95

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