Snippet: 16×9 ☇

Shared on May 23, 2012

I originally wasn’t Team Tall-and-Skinny iPhone, but John Gruber (and a few others over the last day or so) convinced me:

But, keep in mind, iPhone apps are already expected to be at least somewhat flexible in height. Use a well-written app while you’re on a phone call or making a recording with the Voice Memos app, and you get a double-height status bar (green for phone calls, red for recordings). But the double-height status bar doesn’t cover the content of most apps. Springboard tightens the spacing between its rows of app icons. Apps like Mail, Safari, and Calendar move the top of the window — the UINavigationBar — down to account for the double-sized status bar. The same is true for third-party apps.

Obviously games would need some adapting (maybe pillarboxing?) and it might change how apps are run on an iPad, but I’m for shaking things up like this.

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