Snippet: 2 Beats 1. Or Does It? ☇

Shared on July 1, 2015

M.G. Siegler:

Maybe that’s unfair, but in the age of having every song at your fingertips at any time you want, our affliction is a preponderance of choice. What do you listen to when you can listen to literally anything? For me, it’s often the same things over and over again. I hate choosing.

I’m enjoying Beats 1, too, even if a particular song or block aren’t my cup of tea. My problem with terrestrial radio, and to a lesser extent, satellite radio, is that even “variety” rock/pop/alternative stations tend to stay with the most current song of an artist, and even then seem to have a playlist of about 20-30 active songs. In the few times I’ve listened, Beats 1 seems to challenge this, and it’s been fun. It’s nothing new (college radio and some good local stations have done this for awhile), but an enjoyable change of pace from my usual rotation of a few songs out of a few thousand.

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