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Snippet: Some 2011 MacBook Pros Have GPU Issues ☇

Shared on January 17, 2014

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

Many early and late–2011 MacBook Pro owners with discrete graphics cards seem to be experiencing GPU failures and system crashes on their machines. In addition to several tips received by MacRumors, there’s lengthy thread on the issue on the Apple Support Communities, a Facebook group, and many reports of trouble on our own forums.

It appears that the MacBooks, first released on February 28, 2011, are displaying screen glitches primarily during graphics-intensive work or games. MacBook owners have noted visible striations and image distortion or an entirely blank screen, which can often be temporarily fixed with a reboot.

Ever since the iBooks, Apple has seemed to have GPU issues with few of their portable and desktop machines. I really hope this pattern can be stopped, especially since the issues aren’t always tied to a specific supplier.

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