Snippet: On Apple’s New Podcasts App ☇

Shared on June 27, 2012

After using the new Podcasts app for about 24 hours, I completely agree with Harry Marks:

Some individuals have complained about a lack of iCloud syncing for subscriptions and playback information across devices. I’ve seen iCloud syncing implemented in other apps. It sucks. I’m not really missing it here. There’s also been disdain over a lack of playlist capabilities. This doesn’t really affect me as I only listen to a small handful of podcasts. I just need to know what’s been played and what hasn’t and Apple’s app seems to perform that function swimmingly. However, if that sort of thing ignites your rocket, check out an app like Instacast (I use it, too. I like it).

Podcasts is a basic app. It’s what Apple’s known for. If you’re looking for a “power user’s” application, look elsewhere. People with more than one calendar favor apps like BusyCal just like people with many projects and tasks prefer apps like OmniFocus. Podcasts isn’t one of those apps. Luckily for us, those programs do exist and we can pick any one of them to fill the empty hole inside us with old episodes of Radiolab.

Verdict: It’s a good start and should suffice for casual podcast listeners. It plays while the device is locked and has access to playback controls when you double-tap on the home button and that’s good enough for me.

Instacast and others do offer more features, but for a very early start of building something that used to be an afterthought, Apple could’ve done a lot worse.

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