Snippet: 4000 Lattes To Go, Please ☇

Shared on March 4, 2013

Fast Company’s Austin Carr talks about how a prank from the original iPhone launch continues to this day:

The true test of the iPhone’s power came when Jobs opened Google Maps, and–to the awe of those in the auditorium–searched for Starbucks and called up a nearby store, seemingly on a whim. It foreshadowed a revolution in the mobile world, not just for consumers but also businesses. It was only appropriate that Jobs would call Starbucks, a company that’s been transformed by the tools Apple has created or given way to, from processing 100 million mobile payments through its app to partnering with Square to handle its credit- and debit-card transactions. But for Starbucks employee [Ying Hang “Hannah”] Zhang, there was no way of knowing a smartphone revolution was on the horizon. To her that day six years ago, it was just another prank phone call. Little did she know it was from Steve Jobs.

I remember watching the keynote address featuring the original iPhone, and it’s nice to hear the story from the other side of the phone. Still, to the people making continued prank calls—let it go.

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