Snippet: 512 Pixels Turns Ten ☇

Shared on September 11, 2018

Stephen Hackett:

Regardless of how a single post has aged, overall, I’m proud of what the nearly 8,000 posts in my WordPress database represent: thoughtful consideration (and some jokes) about the things that interest me. Those interests have changed over time, but they are why I keep this site going. I want to share my ideas and things I find with readers who will find them just as cool or thought-provoking as I do.[…]

In 2010 or so, I made a real push at turning 512 Pixels into an Apple news site. I published a bunch of stuff, hoping to grow the site into something I could do full-time. That didn’t work, and I got pretty cranky about having a blog, but I stuck with after rediscovering the foundation on which it is built.

I discovered 512 Pixels shortly after its name change and it’s been fun to watch it grow and develop. There are plenty of large, commercial tech news sites that cover Apple, especially now that Apple is such a large player in the technology world. Smaller, personal sites like Hackett’s provide so much more value because they focus on the human aspect of technology—use cases, critical thinking, historical context, humor, and the joy that metal, silicon, plastic, and glass bring us. That content tends to age much better.

Here’s to ten years and many more!

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