Snippet: 5by5’s Build & Analyze and Hypercritical to End ☇

Shared on November 18, 2012

Dan Benjamin of the 5by5 network shared news that two of its most popular shows would be ending. Build & Analyze with Marco Arment would be ending on December 17, and Hypercritical with John Siracusa would be ending a few weeks later. Both shows are favorites of mine, and I completely understand the motivation to leave on a high note, especially as Arment stated on a post on his own blog:

Recently, I’ve felt my current podcast, Build and Analyze, getting stale and repetitive. We’ve had a great run, and I’ve greatly enjoyed doing it, but it has run its course. I’d rather end it now than slide into mediocrity — imagine if The Wire ended after season 4, Six Feet Under ended after season 3, or Arrested Development ended right before Michael met Rita.

Although I think both shows have a ways to go before they’d become mediocre, I’ll be excited to see what future endeavors the three come up with (either together or separately), and wanted to send a public thanks their way for the hours of great discussion that came through my earbuds, car stereo, or iPad speaker over the past couple of years.

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