Snippet: A Class Action Lawsuit Over iOS 8 Storage ☇

Shared on January 1, 2015

Julia Love for The Mercury News’s Silicon Beat:

Apple has been hit with a lawsuit alleging that it doesn’t inform users just how much storage its new operating system will eat up – and then prods them to buy more space through its iCloud service.

The case, filed in the Bay Area’s federal court on Tuesday, claims iOS 8 can take up as much as 23.1 percent of the advertised storage capacity on Apple gadgets, but few users realize that when they make their purchases. Seeking damages and changes to Apple policies under California state law, plaintiffs hope to represent sweeping classes of users who bought Apple gadgets with iOS 8 already installed and users who upgraded to the latest version of the software. […]

“Using these sharp business tactics, defendant gives less storage capacity than advertised, only to offer to sell that capacity in a desperate moment, e.g., when a consumer is trying to record or take photos at a child or grandchild’s recital, basketball game or wedding,” plaintiffs allege in the complaint.

I’m not arguing with Love’s reporting, moreso that those filing the lawsuit don’t understand how iOS storage works and how it plays with iCloud. Even if you go and buy the largest amount (1TB for $19.99/month), that still won’t give you more breathing room to update to iOS 8 or use your device. In terms of updating, if you’re out of space, you must clear items off temporarily for the installation process or simply plug your device into a computer and update through iTunes. I’m not arguing that usage patterns and capabilities have changed, as Apple should phase out the 16GB devices, but this lawsuit seems to be an attempt at a moneygrab based on fear, misunderstanding of technology, and Apple as a appealing target.

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