Snippet: A Dependable iPad ☇

Shared on March 5, 2012

“Rands” (his pseudonym) on what would force him to buy a new iPad:

It wasn’t that I didn’t covet the slim stylings, I just didn’t feel like I’d yet gotten my money’s worth with my original iPad by the time the second iPad arrived. When it did, I carefully held it in my hands, drooled a bit on the black Smart Cover, and considered the question, “Is it worth it?” and discovered the answer was, “No”. Interestingly, this answer did not change over time. Perhaps a function of the iPad’s price point? Release date? Feature set? I don’t know.

I would love to have mirroring (with or without AirPlay) and a few other features on my original iPad, but right now it’s still pretty good for most things that I need and I can live without a few features I may use from time to time. I’m much more inclined to get a new subsidized iPhone on a regular basis and treat my iPad purchasing like that of a computer.

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