Snippet: Into Thin AirPods ☇

Shared on May 8, 2023

Casey Johnston for Defector (via Nick Heer):

This is the part where I say I’m aware that everyone—Apple, law enforcement, any friends with good judgment within earshot—strenuously discourages ever, under any circumstances, trying to do vigilante justice with the Find My app. If you so much as mention the possibility, like four people will jump out of the woodwork with stories about someone they knew who was shot or assaulted trying to confront a thief in the act. I’d like to emphasize that I’m firmly on the side of reason, and a steadfast believer that having crime done to me is not an occasion to show off how brave I am.

But! I have watched Veronica Mars so many times. I dream idly of mysterious cases falling into my lap, and solving them through the careful piecing together of data, clues, and information, plus the judicious application of wiles and streetwise know-how. And, honestly, I did want my ridiculously expensive AirPods back.

The fact that this story referenced the long-forgotten Veronica Mars is exactly why I raced to read it and yes, it does feel like an episode that would feature the antics of the 09ers and solving mysteries using pretty run-of-the-mill tech.

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