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Snippet: A Smartwatch I’d Buy ☇

Shared on October 13, 2012

After seeing this linked in a few other places, I thought I’d share Lennart Ziburski’s design for a smartwatch that isn’t just a shrunken smartphone. Instead, he rethinks the user interface to be simple, provide some control, and also be something anyone would want to wear (via The Loop):

More often than not, we pull our smartphone out just to put it back into it’s pocket a few seconds later – we are just using it to check on notifications, fire a quick message or see if it’s going to rain soon. Whenever we do this, we disrupt what we are currently doing, or even disrupt the conversation we are having with our friends.

A similar problem existed many years ago: When you wanted to know the time, you’d always need to get your pocket watch out just to put it back in seconds later. This was solved with the invention of the wristwatch. And now it’s time for this basic concept of glanceable, simple information on your wrist, to take the same leap that smartphones took with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007.

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