Snippet: A Trackpad and a Mouse Walk Into an iPad… ☇

Shared on April 15, 2020

M.G. Siegler:

Basically, this new functionality makes the iPad feel very, very close to using a computer. The iPad is a computer, of course. But I mean the traditional kind of computer. You know, the kind with a trackpad or mouse.

At times in recent days when I’ve been sitting at a desk using the iPad with a trackpad and/or mouse (I tried both — more on that in a bit), I’ve forgotten I was using an iPad at all. I have mixed feelings about this. But Apple has effectively turned the iPad into a laptop. A really nice one. One that runs iOS — er, iPad OS. Or whatever.

Plenty of others have shared similar stories, and I fully agree with the sentiment that it’s nicely done, but also drastically changes how the iPad works (in my case, at a desk). Mouse/trackpad + keyboard being good at times doesn’t mean a touchscreen is bad and vice-versa. I’m really enjoying the flexibility.

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