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Snippet: Advice for Verizon Stores ☇

Shared on August 1, 2012

Jeff Stern shares some comments he overheard while spending some time in a Verizon store in his post (via John Gruber):

  • They released the iPhone 4S because Steve Jobs died so they just threw in a couple more features and pushed it out.
  • Apple’s servers are really small and when you use Siri it normally redirects to Google anyway.
  • Every icon looks alike on your homescreen and it’s really hard to find applications.

All things I heard salespeople say in the 40 minutes I was there. I’m certainly not an Apple fanboy. I was in your store to buy an Android phone. But you’re really trying too hard to steer people away from the iPhone and I’m not the only person that’s noticed it.

I’m not surprised by this at all, especially since a lot of the people at stores like this seem to either be the anti-Apple, spec-obsessed, I-built-my-own-computer types that don’t understand the needs of others in a technological sense, or just don’t care enough about their jobs to be informed. Then again, it could be an AT&T-like conspiracy.

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