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Snippet: Amazon is Still Apple’s Biggest Threat ☇

Shared on September 6, 2012

Peter Kafka sheds some light on Amazon’s original intentions to purchase Roku and what they may release tomorrow on AllThingsD:

So if Amazon was willing to buy Roku earlier this year, perhaps they’ve built their own device instead.

An alternate theory: Rather than unveil a full-fledged Web video box tomorrow, Jeff Bezos will take a half step by showing off some kind of docking device that Kindle Fire users could plug in to get their video onto their sets.

I like Amazon, and it is my other choice for buying music behind Apple’s iTunes. Although the Kindle Fire hasn’t set the world on…um….fire, the other Kindles are quite popular, as is Amazon’s vast media library. If they were to create their own streaming box, it could be rather popular, especially among Kindle Fire users or those who haven’t bought into the Apple ecosystem.

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