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Snippet: An iPad for Ben ☇

Shared on December 18, 2013

Although I live relatively close to an Apple Store and a visit is no big deal, it’s nice to hear a story about the staff going the extra mile to make a kid’s day (via MacStories):

Over the last few years Ben’s various vision team members have talked about how wonderful the iPad is as an assistive device. Kit researched and learned more about the amazing technology it has to help people with visual impairments, the list of apps great for kids with visual disabilities, even built in features like Siri can make a significant difference in the day to day lives of someone with a vision challenge. We just didn’t know how to make that happen with the budget, so it was something we kept in the back of our minds but hadn’t pursued. Once again little miracles started to fall into place with offers of help and surprises here and there and so much support and love from friends and family. Suddenly the dream of an iPad for Ben was becoming a reality!!

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