Snippet: …And Then Just Declares the Day a Total Loss ☇

Shared on June 14, 2012

I saw this on The Soup last night—Brian Williams shares his thoughts about the recent iPhone commercials (and it seems like he really doesn’t like them…or was disappointed he didn’t get picked). It starts around 1:44:

Let’s talk about the new iPhone commercials. They’re designed to show off the wonders of Siri, the wonderfully unknowable siren of the iPhone 4S, with a ready answer to any question, no matter how ridiculous, which, brings us back to those commercials.

As you watch them, remember, this from the nation that won World War II. The always delightful and quirky Zooey Deschanel exhausted by the prospect of changing out of her pajamas asks for the weather while standing next to a window, shares her desire for tomato soup, and then just declares the day a total loss.

It gets better. Enter John Malkovich, surrounded by museum-quality art, classical music, a suit, no socks, and no clue. It is possible this is how the Ottomans looked just before the fall of their empire.

He’s probably just grumpy about the news that iOS 6 won’t bring Siri to his iPhone 4…maybe?

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