Snippet: Andy Ihnatko’s Retina MacBook Pro ☇

Shared on June 13, 2012

Andy Ihnatko shared a few initial impressions of the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display and I think the last one really hits home how this is going to be a gamechanger…that is, if web developers get on board:

The Retina display has a subtle initial impact. It looks exactly like my 15″ display…just, better. The first thing I really noticed was that the familiar tuxedo icon representing the setup wizard had a tabbed collar and onyx shirt studs. Subtle but impressive. For a dramatic example of the improvement, start browsing the web. Bitmapped images (rendered at traditional pixel density) look like utter trash alongside the Retina-quality text that flows around it. Naturally, the images on are juiced for Retina.

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