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Snippet: Anker’s Eufy Breaks Its Silence on Security Cam Security ☇

Shared on December 20, 2022

Sean Hollister updating a story that The Verge broke earlier this month:

Now, Anker is finally taking a stab at a public explanation, in a new blog post titled “To our eufy Security Customers and Partners.” Unfortunately, it contains no apology, and doesn’t begin to address why anyone would be able to view an unencrypted stream in VLC Media Player on the other side of the country, from a supposedly always-local, always-end-to-end-encrypted camera.

What it does contain is a clear admission: “eufy Security’s Live View Feature on its Web-Portal Feature Has a Security Flaw,” the company admits in bold letters.

At this point, I hope The Verge and other publications keep hounding Anker/Eufy because the products were sold under the guise of local-only. As for Anker/Eufy, they should decouple the app from the cameras and allow full local mode or full HomeKit Secure Video support without their app.

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