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Snippet: Apple and Product Placement ☇

Shared on May 14, 2012

Peter Burrows and Andy Fixmer have a really interesting article for Businessweek about Apple’s involvement with product placement and the media, along with quite a bit of historical context (via Daring Fireball):

…HP gets lots of free product placement, but usually in scenes where filmmakers want the setting to feel, well, typical. “If the studio is using the product as it would be used in the real world, then it makes perfect sense to select HP,” says Christensen, who has gotten HP desktops on the sets of The Office and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. “Government agencies use tons of HP.”

Apple products, on the other hand, sometimes take a lead role as an object of devotion, as in a famous 2010 episode of Modern Family. Airing just two days before the first iPad hit stores, the episode centered around dad Phil Dunphy’s quest for the new device.

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