Snippet: Apple Can’t Seem to Quit Twitter ☇

Shared on June 27, 2023

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

To promote the finale of popular Apple TV+ science fiction series Silo, Apple today shared the full first episode of the series on Twitter.

Taking advantage of the Twitter functionality that allows for longer form video, Apple shared the hour-long episode through its ‌Apple TV+‌ account. The episode can be watched directly on Twitter, with no ‌Apple TV+‌ subscription required.

Although there might have been some long-term agreements in place, I find this a puzzling development. Twitter has become a liability that many advertisers are shying away from and yet Apple still seems to be throwing money its way in both advertising and now this. The company (by way of Elon Musk) seems to be anti-inclusion and pro-discrimination, arguably at odds with Apple’s ethos. Apple could’ve put the show on their own Apple TV+ service as a freebie (much like Friday Night Baseball was last year), YouTube, a free streaming service that they only kinda compete with, or something else, but they chose to double down. It’s not a great look, especially as Twitter seems to be going further away from sanity.

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