Snippet: Apple Explains How to Remove Adware ☇

Shared on April 13, 2015

Not only has Apple acknowledged an issue that’s been going on for awhile, but they included steps to remove most issues:

Ad-injection software is advertising-supported software that can come from third-party download sites. Software that you download from such sites may have been customized to install both the software you want and the ad-injection software. If your Mac has ad-injection software installed, you might see pop-up windows, ads, and graphics while surfing the web, even if “Block pop-up windows” is selected in Safari preferences. Ad-injection software might also change your homepage and preferred search engine.

Until they have a more automatic way to prevent and uninstall adware, I still recommend AdwareMedic by Thomas Reed. Still, this is a good first-step for something that has started happening a lot more over the past few months.

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