Snippet: Apple Malaise ☇

Shared on February 3, 2020

Becky Hansmeyer:

Anyway, I’ve digressed. All of this is really just to say that I’m feeling pretty bummed about all the pessimism in my favorite community. I’m not saying any of it is unjustified—just that I’m bummed. And what can we do? File radars? Write blog posts? Complain on Twitter? Yes, and these things we will continue to do, shouting passionately into the void.

I agree with Hansmeyer’s point and I’ve been trying to pinpoint exactly where things went off the rails to hopefully find some things to get excited about. I enjoy a lot of what Apple is currently doing and some of the new and exciting things, but a large portion of the tech community seems to be focusing on just the bad lately. That’s become a rather horrible echo chamber.

She also has a bit of follow-up.

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